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"absoluteBUSY -web CRM" is a web based CRM solution for contact management, marketing and sales support, project tracking and other CRM related tasks.

Latest release (jan 2021):
AB-7-10 for PHP 7.4.x


absoluteBUSY (Release AB-7-10) is FREE software since 1.jan.2021

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"absoluteBUSY is the fastest and most simple professional web based CRM software"
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absoluteBUSY web CRM software enables teams and departments to share an online customer database, an online contact manager and a project tracking tool, on the web or intranet. Contacts, customer histories, hot leads, projects and pending tasks can be updated from anywhere, with any web browser. The software is installed on your server or web-host, you keep full control of your data !

web based contact management, web CRM, online project tracking, web based project collaboration, marketing database, online customer relationship management system.

absoluteBUSY is based on the highly scalable open source software platform, known as LAMP (also XAMPP): Linux (or Windows) operating system, Apache webserver (IIS possible), MySQL or Maria DB database, PHP scripting language. The system can be either be installed at your hosting provider's webspace or on your own company (intranet/internet) server. Runs on all major operating systems like Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac OS.

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absoluteBUSY is a product of:

InfoParc - www.infoparc.com
Mr. Christian Metzler
email: info@infoparc.com

timezone: UTC + 1h (Vienna/Austria/Europe)
Some of our customers
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AIR LIQUIDE (Germany), a world leader in industrial and medical gases and related services.
ASSA ABLOY (Germany), electro mechanical security and access control products.
Argene (France), diagnostic- and research use reagents in the microbiology field.
BIOGENES (Germany), Immunology, Tools for proteomics, Biochemistry.
Bertrams-Heatec (Switzerland), systems for safe transfer of process heat.
Boehringer-Ingelheim (Germany), one of the world's 20 leading pharmaceutical corporations.
Codexis Inc. (USA) bio-based solutions for pharmaceutical chemical process development and manufacturing.
HLB Lighting (USA), architectural lighting design.
ip.access (UK), develops in-building wireless products for mobile networks.
Luzchem Research(Canada), laboratory instruments to study the interaction of light with a wide range of materials.
Maxiplan Technology (UK / Australia), business software for multidimensional reporting.
RUWAG Diagnostics (Switzerland), laboratory diagnostics and IVD devices.
StreamUnlimited (Austria), engineering services for networked products and systems.
UNCDF (USA), United Nations Capital Development Fund.
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update: 01-jan-2021